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The Calvers + Suvdal wall mounted desk is an incredibly neat solution to freeing up space in your living space.

I found creating a genuine work space makes you a lot more productive. Since I got mine, I've actually started doing more work rather than getting mega distracted by anything and everything (hopefully I'm not alone on this one).

The Calvers + Suvdal wall mounted desk is full size  too at 100cm. x 50cm making it ideal for "working from home" as well as being ideal for Facebook stalk old school friends or ex's. 

It's made out of attractive solid wood and is big enough to comfortably work on, but small enough to fit in tight spaces, like under a staircase or it's the perfect addition to a main bedroom, spare room or study.

It comes with two practical drawers and a storage area for a keyboard too, so you can hide away cables / wires to ensure your space is clear and looks tidy.

Installation is very easy too - you need to get the fittings to match the job. I mounted one on a stud wall using Rawl Spring Toggles  from Screwfix that work out around 20p each. They are seriously incredible and it feels totally solid. 


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