by Ian Corrigan

Lighting is sometimes the last thing you think of when you're designing a room or buying a new piece of furniture. But for us, it's a very important part of the room.  Whilst it's functional, it can also change the atmosphere of a room - from 'Aargh! Where are my house keys?!' 'to 'Netflix and chill' territory in the flick of a switch. 

Here at Calvers + Suvdal, we have a core range of three types of lighting - large pendants, small pendants and wall lamps.

In this blog post we talk through some lighting ideas for the the main rooms in your home.

Living Room Lighting

Whether you are a vintage furniture nut or a fan of modern pieces like our Molm Sofa, lighting can really add to your style. Our smoked glass light has a beautiful copper rose and gives off an amazingly sophisticated level of light. We also stock a stunning geometric pendant light in brass that'll get your guests talking.

Bedside lighting

Creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom is really key to getting a good night's sleep. A pair of low-hung small pendant lights on each side of your bed makes a practical and attractive addition to a bedroom. Adding brass or copper adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to your bedroom too. Get the look with our brass pendant light

Dining Space

Whilst a lot of us don't sit down and eat every meal at a dining table anymore, it's a useful space which we should really make more of. Choosing great lighting highlights your table to create a warm welcoming glow - perfect for having a family dinner or inviting friends around. 

We think one or two of our brass pendants hung low will add a sophisticated and stylish touch to your dining space. The added bonus is the extra lighting makes it a good place to work from home too. 


We spend more time than ever in our kitchen - cooking (obvs), eating, working or chatting to your mum on the phone. Have a breakfast bar in your kitchen? Stick a couple of our wooden ball pendant lights over it. These look equally cool above a kitchen table. They're a bargain too. 

Reception Areas

We love a bright and airy reception area. A wall light is a really great way to add that 'welcome home' feeling when you get home from a long day at the office.

Monochrome is a huge trend at the moment and this black wall lamp on a white wall makes the look achievable and accessible. We stock this wall light in a gold finish and a copper finishtoo.

Ian Corrigan
Ian Corrigan

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