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First of all, thanks for all patience for the pre orderers!

All orders of the Mandy chair in teddy white have now been dispatched. Delivery times are 3-7 days depending on where you are in the UK. You'll receive an email or SMS notifying you of delivery options. 

We've suffered some horrendous delays to both manufacturing and shipping recently. Costs of everything have hugely increased from fabrics, boxes and shipping. We've tried to limit the increases to customers. 

We've made the decision not to open any other products for pre order until we have them in our warehouse.

As customers, we've ordered from Heals, Made and Swoon and really hated the wait times (20 weeks for a bed once). We started C&S to ensure interior designers and personal clients could select furniture and get it delivered in a couple of weeks - so the pre order thing does not sit very well. 




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