Caring for your sofa or chair  - our top tips with our favourite upholstery cleaners - a guest blog with  ProLux 

Here at C+S, we hear about the occasional disaster story about stains on sofas or chairs - parties, dogs, toddlers, wine - a sofa sometimes seems to be a magnet for splodges and random handprints.

We always like to help out with tips and help, as we know it's daunting to even begin to clean upholstery, espesh when it’s a pink pastel shade or velvet finish. Argh. 

We asked our go-to upholstery cleaning professional in the South East,  Tony at Prolux Upholstery to give his top tips for caring for your sofa or chair.

If you live in South East England and have asked us how to clean a chair or sofa, we will recommend ProLux as they know our fabrics and really give amazing service. Their details are below.

Over to you Tony.

Spillages and stains - act fast 

The first thing to remember is that on your own you can only remove weak dirt and fresh stains! For example, a stain such as a greasy handprint will go away by 70-80%, if you immediately attach a well-absorbing napkin or towel to it, so act fast. 

Traces of lipstick or ink can be removed too if the stain is treated with soapy water and then rinsed with water. 

These stains might not go away completely, but once you’ve done your best, it’s best to call in professionals to ensure the stains are correctly treated. 

Light coloured sofas or chairs - regular care is key

We get a lot of calls from clients with lighter coloured upholstery. Most of the time when we view a piece of furniture, it hasn’t been cleaned since purchased - nice.

It sounds like common sense, but we can’t emphasise enough that regular cleaning is key - firstly,  dry vacuuming to get rid of crumbs and dust and secondly, wet cleaning -just take a cloth soak it water and gently brush the fabric with it - accumulated dust will fly out and settle on a damp cloth. It’s pretty therapeutic (and slightly minging too).

Another option for wet cleaning the sofa is to use a warm soapy solution - in most cases, you can use washing up liquid, laundry cleaner or fabric softener (able to not only clean the upholstery but also relieve it of unpleasant odours and give an antistatic effect).

In warm water, a little selected product is diluted with a sponge, in moderate quantities, and then it is applied to the surface of the furniture. After 15-20 minutes, just vacuum dry. Boom.

Using upholstery cleaning products - test patch before you go all out Mary Poppins.

If you do buy an upholstery stain remover (some have choline in - so double check), don’t just use it and hope for the best, but read the instructions carefully - especially for any excluded fabrics or colours -  and always do a test patch - some stain removers can be really potent and aren’t always compatible with pastel shades. 

When we talk about a test patch - we want to see how upholstery fabric and colours behave or how much shrinkage of the fabric is possible with the cleaner. Our method is to soak a cotton swab with the product you intend to use, dampen a piece of fabric tucked behind the back or under the armrest and look at the result after drying. If there’s no shrinkage or colour loss, then you can go ahead. 

Leather - keep it simple

For regular maintenance, lightly vacuuming with a soft brush attachment is good. 

Leather should be cleaned of dust -  wipe with a dry or very lightly damp cloth, then rub the upholstery with a natural oil or petroleum jelly.

For expensive pieces, professional cleaning and care should be used every 6-12 months to stop any damage. 

Calling in the pro-lux-fessionals (that's us)

Professional upholstery cleaners like us have powerful equipment that not only removes surface stains but also dirt and grime from inner layers of your furniture too - killing dust mites and deep stains that can cause issues later on. 

We also check fabrics and colours and give a professional opinion on how best to clean your treasured sofa or chair. Some fabrics are very delicate and can require specialist attention. 

Our advice is if you’re in any doubt call a professional - we charge from £18 for a chair to £35 for a three-seater sofa.

Call Tony on 020-3318-6387 if you need more info. 

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