by Ian Corrigan

So, now your sofa’s arrived, it’s time to style it up. Here's your chance to make it fit in with your space and impart some of your own personality. We love the Scandi aesthetic (obvs) and love a bit of monochrome with the odd pop of colour.

This sofa is screaming out for some colours and textures so we’re going to put it out of its misery. We started off with the rug. Without it, the room looks somewhat like a disused squat and happily the strong pattern works well with the subtle tone of the sofa’s grey.

Cushions. Cushions everywhere. Now's your chance to help your sofa settle in and give it some character, and also make it feel über-comfy. Ok, that’s better. See those big comfy-looking cushions? – they're super cosy. We’ve added a throw too, because who doesn’t love a bit of plush faux fur to cuddle up with?

Choose some contrasting /complementary colours, or if you already have a scheme running through your room, this is a good place to pick up on it and help tie your sofa in.

We like mixing up styles and sizes of art but don’t be fooled – everything’s been carefully chosen because it complements the sofa and rug. The monochrome prints and their frames are a nod to the rug and the gold frame brings contrasting warmth.

Et voila. A nice place to sit. Now we just need somewhere to put your cup of tea / glass of wine / coffee table books.


We’ve gone for a low and unobtrusive table in white and wood to break up the pattern of the rug. We’ve adorned it with a copper tray because we love how it pops against the muted tones of the sofa and table.


Nothing says “mood killer” like 100w Halogens so we think it's important to add lights that create warmth and atmosphere.

We’re all about the exposed bulb these days and have gone for pared-down simplicity with this simple pendant and bulb. 

So what do you think? Are you a fan of the Scandi look or would you have chucked a tartan picnic blanket and a couple of arm-rest covers on there?  Let us know on Twitter and see more of our lustings over on Pinterest.

Ian Corrigan
Ian Corrigan

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