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You might not be surprised to learn that those nature-loving Scandinavians are some of Europe’s greenest inhabitants. Sweden in particular love a bit of recycling and their diligent waste management practices mean that over 99% of the country’s household waste is recycled. Isn’t that cool? We’re all rampant consumers these days and it makes sense to stop and consider how we could be doing our bit.

Here at Calvers & Suvdal, we love a bit of repurposing. Upcycling. Whatever you want to call it. We especially rate the sense of satisfaction you get when you give something a new lease of life, having the freedom to exert a bit of creativity and not to mention saving a few pennies.

One of our recent projects was an 8ft long table/desk, made from old scaffolding boards and hairpin legs. The scaffolding boards were provided by the Glasgow Wood Recycling Centre and we bought steel rods to shape into hairpin legs from a seller online. We then asked a friend with mad metal-bending skills to shape the rods into hairpin legs for us in exchange for some beers. Any good blacksmith will be able to do this for you (although we can't guarantee they'll do it for a few beers). You can also get hairpin legs ready-made online, but they’ll cost a little extra.

Once we had the shape, we sprayed the hairpin legs a bright red to contrast with the pale tone of the desk. After a few coats, it was just a case of affixing the legs to the boards.  Happy to say we’re unashamedly delighted with the results!

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Scaffolding boards x 3 from Glasgow Wood Recycling @ £30 + delivery = £40

Steel rods x 6 from Austen Knapman @ £20.42 + delivery = £40.37

Total cost = £80.37

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