by Ian Corrigan

Is it just us, or is EVERYONE getting married this summer? The Calvers + Suvdal team have RSVP'd to no fewer than twelve ceremonies and receptions between us. That's a lot of weekends away, buying/dry-cleaning suits/dresses, developing a distain for canapés and dancing to "Get Lucky" covers (we prefer this delightfully awkward one).

It all starts with the dreaded wedding-list scramble, "Oh God what's left. £200 for a coffee press?! [chuckle] Yeah, very good. Um, what about towels. I can't get towels, that's so unoriginal. ...Toaster? That's even worse! Aaargh". Rinse, repeat.  We love John Lewis and all, but there's something flawed about a system that lands you with a garlic press, three pillow cases and two saucers (mazel tov, Steph + Alex!). So we're taking a stand. We think it's time for thoughtful wedding presents to make a comeback. Make it personal, make it meaningful and try to avoid gift lists, vouchers and 'honeymoon donations' as much as possible. 

Here's our choice selection of bona fide wedding presents ready to ship. Our delivery is FAST but if you'd prefer to surprise the Happy Couple™ upon their return from the Seychelles/Maldives/Blackpool, we can send their carefully-wrapped gift straight on - just let us know when you place the order.

Hexagonal Copper Tray

After the dust has settled, the honeymoon's a distant memory and the photographer's sent through the album, it's time to have the new in-laws round for a spot of post-match analysis. Opening the cards, cringing through the video of the best man giving *that* speech, looking through everyone else's candid snaps and graciously accepting Uncle Rod's sincere apologies for sleazing the bridesmaids after one too many Buck's Fizzes.

Allow the newlyweds to serve their guests in style - providing tea and leftover wedding cake from this beautiful copper hexagonal tray. It's one of our unashamed favourite items, looks great on display, and screams Scandi style.

Geometric Coffee Cups

We're not sure that chipped, cracked and stained mugs are the basis upon which to build an enduring, happy marriage. So in the interests of a successful holy matrimony, we recommend gifting this set of amazingly stylish Scandi coffee cups. Perfect for tea/coffee/leftover Cava.

Conic Bubble Candle Holders

Big Blue Box tea lights can only dream of ending their days in one of our bubble design candle holders. With a nod to mid-century Scandi design, these are perfect for creating that cosy, romantic atmosphere newlyweds will appreciate after the stress of a wedding.

Smoky Pendant Light

A super-stylish pendant light will ensure love shines resplendent on your newly-wedded pals. There's something delightfully Studio 54 about the smoky glass, with the copper detailing on the ceiling rose and inner fixing bringing it bang up to date.

Hang a pair low over a rosewood dining table to create the perfect ambience for romantic meals for two - OR possibly a dinner to thank wedding guests for light-based gifts..?

Marble Vase

Vases are pretty traditional wedding present fare - substantiated by the fact that our mums still have the cut-glass ones they were gifted in the 70's. A safe choice but by no means predictable, this heavy-duty, pure marble vase is an up-to-the minute trend trailblazer this year. We like the fact it's versatile; the Happy Couple™ might want to use it for some dried wedding-day blooms, a fern branch or two (botanicals are so hot right now) or even use it for that new kitchen utensil set they got off cousin Dave. Wedding Fist pump.

We'd like to know what you think: are you looking forward to screaming out the words of Call Me Maybe with the flowergirls? Do you think canapés are underrated? Are we being too harsh on wedding lists?

Let us know using #weddinglistblues on Twitter.

Ian Corrigan
Ian Corrigan

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