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We offer a long no quibble warranty on everything we stock. Power to the consumer! 


“Us” / "Seller"– Calvers + Suvdal.

“You” / "Buyer" – the person(s) purchasing from the Site

“Site” – the website www.calversandsuvdal.com

Product Warranties

The Seller issues the following warranties on the Goods.

Note that any special customer designs are not covered by this extended warranty. The warranty only covers Goods which have been subject to normal wear and tear during domestic use and does not cover any form of negligence, improper or misuse of the Goods by the Buyer. The warranty cannot be assigned to a new purchaser of the Goods unless approved by the Seller in writing. For any commercial use, the warranty does not apply and in these cases we recommend that insurance is purchased from a third party if required. 

Frame: Ten years warranty on the frame construction and workmanship calculated from the original purchase date, unless otherwise specified.

Foam: Two years warranty on all foam filled components on our sofa and chair products. It is important to note that over time foam will compact with regular use, this is normal with all furniture of such nature. 

Fabric: one year warranty on all fabric coverings calculated from the original date of purchase. The fabric must be cleaned and professionally maintained, this warranty does not cover wrinkling, creasing, or fading.

All other products:  for all other products a one year warranty is provided. 

Notifying us: In case of any defect the Buyer shall notify the Seller in writing immediately upon the defect becoming apparent; The defect must be due to the faulty design, materials or workmanship of the Seller in order to be covered by the warranty under this clause. We shall settle the amount by means of a credit note. Such credit note is the Buyer’s sole remedy under the defect warranty under this clause. The Buyer shall provide photographic evidence of the defect to the Seller as well as the unique ID-number placed on the defective product, otherwise the Seller may reject the Buyer’s notice of defect.

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